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Hello my friends! :wave:

I'm in a rather pleasant mood this morning, so I felt like writing a journal today. :)
I also wanted to remind you all that I'm still giving away sketch cards to all of my lovely friends and watchers. And yes, I do take requests! See my journal here.

For starters, I'd like to apologize to all the people I've been in correspondence with lately. I'm afraid my family's internet was being a bit screwy this past week, so I couldn't get much done in terms of replying to you all. Thankfully, our internet is now fixed, and *knocks on wood* I should be able to go about answering your comments without any trouble. Though I'm a little backlogged, so I might be a bit, yet. xD;

And speaking of being thankful, since I'm in such a good mood (and yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US), I feel like going through all of the things that have brought me joy this week. Feel free to share your stories and gratitudes, too!

  • The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous, if a little chilly at times.  It's just the most wonderful feeling to be able to go outside in the morning and breathe the crisp, cool air, especially after the particularly long and scorching summer we had this year. I can now let my doggies out of their pen to play and frolic without worrying if they'll get heat exhaustion. Thank you Mesa, Arizona for not giving us a shorts and T-shirts Thanksgiving this year! :giggle:
  • Speaking of my doggies, they've been the sweetest little angels this week. My dogs have always been the loves of my life, but now that the weather is cooler and they're not frying alive, they've just taken things to the next level of sweetness. :heart: I don't think I've ever seen them so happy and playful, and now that the weather is nice, I can actually stay outside to play with them, too. And then when I go inside, they'll run around the house perimeter to peer inside the various windows to look for me, which never fails to make me smile. :) I don't know what I'd do without my doggies sometimes. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • To make things even better, my younger sister and I have finally managed to get on more or less good relations with each other. Not that we were ever on bad relations, but we never really talked much (unless it was necessary or simply pointless chatter) and I don't think either of us understood each other very well. I finally feel like we're on the same page, and that we can do things together and help each other without having a lingering feeling of awkwardness. ☺
  • I had a lovely session with my psychologist the other day, and I finally feel like I've reached a place where I'm not pretending that I'm not miserable all the time. I've had a lot of troubles and doubts, most of which were put on me by my family, but I finally feel clear headed and confident enough to try and move forward in life, or at least wait for an opportunity to present itself so I can seize it. I can't remember the last time I got out of bed wishing I wasn't dead, and it's a great feeling. :aww:
  • The only downside to my week was me getting terribly sick yesterday on Thanksgiving. D: I have trouble sleeping sometimes, and I'm afraid my sleep deprivation got the better of me for once. I completely missed Thanksgiving dinner and everything, it sucked so bad. :( On the plus side though, we had plenty of leftovers for me to enjoy, and I managed to make a torte with my mother before I fell ill. It was my first time making a proper cake, and my mother's first time for many, many years, so we both had tons of fun. :) And to top it all off, it turned out to be absolutely delicious to boot. :3
  • My sister's birthday is on Sunday, and my mother and I got an awesome deal on some gifts for her, so I'm super excited to see her open them. x3 I can't believe she's going to be seventeen already, how time flies. :O Always cherish your younger siblings, my friends, because they're so much easier to deal with when they're young, gullible, innocent, and not drastically more accomplished and quick-witted than you. :XD:
  • I've managed to finish some of my sketch card requests so far, and I'm really liking how they're coming out. ^^ I hope their recipients will like them, as well. (Thanks for your patience, guys! :heart:) I am also in love with my silver and glitter gel pens, they're the only art utensils that have yet to fail me under any conditions, lol. x) I'm also hoping to get some more markers sometime soon, which will help immensely with my blending, among other things. Hooray for Black Friday sales! :dummy:

I do believe that's all I can type about at present, but it still feels good to be able to have a positive journal for once. :D I just needed to get some of this happy out of my system before I imploded. :lol: Kudos to those of you who read this far (or were smart enough to skip down here :giggle:). So, do any of you have stories or things you're grateful for that you'd care to share? I feel like spreading some positive energy around. :)

Anyway, I'll try to keep drawing and staying in touch with you all. I'm afraid I don't have any refined pics to post just yet, but I do have some glorified doodles that I've done over the past few months, so I'll try to post some of those while I'm still working on nicer pics to share. c:

Thanks for reading and bearing with me you guys, you're all the best! :D

Much love and best wishes~
Sarah :heart:

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