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March 21, 2007
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A white cloaked figure silently walked down the barren sidewalks of Jump City. The bright white of the cloak was illuminated by the shine of the pale moon, which hung high in the night sky, casting it's silver shine down on the empty streets. No one was out at this time of evening, so the figure didn't feel the need to hide in the shadows as she normally would. Despite the radiance of her robe in the moonlight, the shadows still seemed to hang about her, clinging to her wherever they could; it was almost as if they tried to drag her into them. She was their master after all, yet she silently resisted, completely unaware of the battle she had won by merely pacing down the street.
It seemed that with each step she took, another memory would surface to her conscious. Nearly all of them aroused inner pain, but she would simply overpower them with the memories that made her happiest. Yet they kept flooding in, memories of all the terrible things that were prophesized to happen in her life, and how she overcame them all. It seemed so long ago, that she was running down these very streets, trying to escape the masked "messanger." She recalled the sting of the blood red markings on her body, but at that time, nothing stung more than the thought of what it all meant; what she was supposed to do in the end.
Eventually, she stopped at the foot of the city's sky needle, and looked up at it's towering presence.
'I'm surprised it's still standing...' she thought to herself. Indeed, it had been a long time since she had last visited this particular building. After her last visit, however, she had tried to avoid it altogether, afraid it would spark the memories she would like to forget. Now she could finally face it without any fears or nightmarish reminiscing. And so she flew to the rounded top of the towering structure. As she landed, she removed the hood covering her head, and let her long, violet hair sway in the midnight breeze, and bask in the glow of the moon. She looked out onto the horizon, and scanned the bright city with it's lights, until she came to face the sparkling ocean. She chuckled to herself for a moment, then thought, 'And I half expected to see an ocean of lava and fire...' She recalled her last visit to this place once more, when she had seen the sky bleed, the ocean burn, and flesh melt to stone. It was such a horrible vision... However, everything she saw before her tonight was the exact opposite. The sky was a beautiful midnight blue, and it sparkled with stars that outshined the city's brightest lights. The city too, was a lovely sight at this altitude. All the bright, neon lights melded together with the buildings on the horizon. And the ocean was always beautiful to her, but tonight, it's beauty eased her being in an amazing way. Since everything that had happened all those years ago, she came to truly appreciate the world simply for being so "alive."
At that moment, a small raven perched itself right beside her on the ledge of the building. It squawked a moment, then cocked it's head to stare at her with it's cold eyes. She'd always had a fondness for these birds. Despite the somewhat unpleasant impressions they made, they did carry her namesake. She had to look twice at the bird though, as she could have sworn she'd seen red, glowing eyes on the beast. Upon looking again though, she found no such thing to be true. 'There I go seeing things again,' she thought, as she inwardly laughed at herself.
"I need to get out more," she thought out loud. She then looked at the black bird, who simply stared back and blinked. "Proves my point..." she mumbled.
After a few more minutes of silence and reminiscing, she said to the bird with a sigh, "I should probably get going..." The raven simply stared up, as if testing her. What she really wanted more than anything though, was to truly free her thoughts and feelings. She had a yearning to fly away, to release all of her wordly cares and let go of her emotions. Yet the doubts in her mind weighed her down. True, she was free of the leash that choked her emotions for so long, yet she was terrified to truly "let go" of them all. The raven seemed to eye her evilly, as if telling her to simply give up her fantasy and go home. But it was then that a large flock of doves flew past, flapping themselves higher until they seemed to reach the moon itself. The black bird simply watched them blur past, but the violet haired woman happened to catch the eyes of the doves as they flew by. It seemed to have ignited an old flame deep inside her somehow...
"Arella used to keep doves..." she mumbled to herself, looking down at the ground, then to the moon where the doves had flown. The raven simply glared at her while she stared off into space. It seemed quite perturbed that she would fancy the white peace birds over itself. Suddenly, she stepped up to the very edge of the sky needle's roof. She turned to face the raven for a moment, then she simply smiled while leaning forward until she fell from the building...


She plummeted towards the ground, just like the last time she happened to fall from that ledge. But this time, there was no one to watch her fall, no one around to save her before she hit the bottom. All the while, she was smiling with her eyes closed. At about 5 feet from the ground's pavement, her eyes flew open as she turned abruptly to ascend towards the sky, stirring up the dust and dirt on the ground. She flew straight up and through the city at incredible speed. It wasn't long until she flew past the little black bird atop the sky needle, who simply watched, then closed it's eyes and flapped itself to the sky. The red glow slowly faded from it's eyes as it caught up to the flock of doves. It simply joined them in flying over the city until passing a lone T-shaped tower on an island in Jump City Bay. As they flew by, they caught the eyes of two of the tower residents. The half mechancal man looked up from his "maintenence" and said "Hey B. Check it out, a raven flyin' with the doves. There's somethin' ya don't see everyday..."
His companion, a young green man, simply replied, "Nope, there's two of 'em." And at that, a wide, toothy smile crossed his face as he pointed to the glowing, bird shaped, soul entity that flew along with the flock. It was pure white, and was probably the closest you could come to pure joy and happiness in a physical form...

Ok, this is my first ever attempt at a real fanfic. I know it's a pretty long oneshot, but I do hope you enjoy it. :aww: I'm actually quite satisfied with it. The topic and overall story could be better, but as far as compostion and such, I think it's quite well done for a first attempt. :) Yes, it is about Raven, and I got the idea for this while making a b-day pic for a friend. Here's the big pic if you're interested --> [link]

Ok, in this story Raven is a lot older. How old? You tell me. Probably old teen (18 or 19) to young adult (20+). I honestly dunno, but its not really that important. ^^; This might not make much sense if you haven't seen the episode "Birthmark" though. ^^; Anyhoo, I don't know if you guys read the comments first, or the story, so I won't give anything away here. But I write and talk in lots of metphors. So the whole idea/meaning of this story is symbolized by certain things. As I said on the larger pic, if anyone can give me a good description of what the metaphor/story meant, then I'll give you a small request. :D If I get multiple right answers, I'll probably take the most accurate one. I know I said "No more requests" in my rant a while ago, but I'm just curious to see how well I got the message across in my writing. ^^; Pus, it gives you the motivation to really think about something. :XD:
I really would like feedback on this just from curiousity. I'm not really going to take everything to heart, because I already have my own opinion on it, but I would like to hear your honest opinion. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please excuse any errors, since I don't have a typing program on my computer yet. ^^; I had to type all this straight into DA from my paper draft...

Teen Titans, Raven, and all the other characters in this story are not mine. They belong to DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and anyone else who owns them... I'm just a fan writing a story out of obsession. :XD:

*EDIT: Thanks to *firewalker71, I've found out that Raven should be at least 22+ for this to make sense. ^^; Apparently she turned 17 in "Birthmark", so I hope that helps. :)
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Shinwa-Tsuki Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Very nice!
parallellogic Featured By Owner May 12, 2008
~if anyone can give me a good description of what the metaphor/story meant
:laughing: That a raven ("impure") is flying with doves ("pure") is supposed to be Raven fighting alongside the Teen Titans? The way you intertwined the metaphors in the story is really impressive ;)

~Plus, it gives you the motivation to really think about something
Whether or not Raven can really change to become good, or always be subtly different?
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
Wow, someone actually read into the story! :XD: Thanks so much for your interpretation of it (there's dozens of possible answers out there, and I love to hear them :)). And thank you kindly for the input, and for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it. :smooch: :aww: Out of the few I've heard, I think yours makes the most sense (I really can't remember what I was originally going for with this story :XD: ^^;).
parallellogic Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
~I really can't remember what I was originally going for with this story
:laughing: Really? Wow, that's kinda funny :XD:.

I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I colored a cover for this for the *ObscureWriters contest ^^;, I was looking through the club's gallery, and your entry really stood out. I have a rough sketch (I still have a few buildings I want to put into the background), and I'm planning on uploading the WIPs in my DA scraps section over the next couple days if you're interested ;). I kinda took a different approach to Raven's position and such, and I'm really tempted to make one of the birds green :D. I'd also like to state that I recognize that you have already made a cover for this story, and I am trying to make a different cover that does not intentionally copy your ideas, but still represents the same story ^^;..
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
It is, isn't it? XD; My memory is so bad. :XD:

Oh my, really? I'd love for you to! :excited: I'm honored that you'd even consider doing one for this old story. You didn't even have to ask, really, I wouldn't have minded at all, but thank you anyway. :aww: Wow, this is so cool, I'll be sure to check things out as you finish it. :D Thanks so much, it's very kind of you to have asked. :hug: Can't wait to see how it turns out, and I hope you'll do well in the contest. :w00t: :w00t:
parallellogic Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
~Wow, this is so cool, I'll be sure to check things out as you finish it.
^^; Well, I have a lot of touch-ups and a lot of work still left on it, but here's a really rough draft of what I have planned for the cover: [link]

~Thanks so much, it's very kind of you to have asked.
:aww: Sure thing :)

~I hope you'll do well in the contest.
:aww: Thank you very much :blushes:
RavenRobinGirl Featured By Owner May 5, 2007
your so welcome
RavenRobinGirl Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
that was great!!! I loved it!!!!!
raven-of-shadows Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2007
Yay! :dance: :boogie: Thanks very much! :glomp: I'm glad you liked it, I worked very hard in writing it. :D
RavenRobinGirl Featured By Owner May 1, 2007
I can tell! It so good!
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